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IQBAL Masih was the one who wrote a history, giving the courage and hope the bonded children. IQBAL Masih was born on 4th April in 1984 in Mridkey, Distt. Sheikhupura. At the age of 6, he started working in carpet factory. He had to work because is parents were not able to send him to school, later on because of his mother’s abdominal sickness; he had to take advance payment worth RS. 6000 for his mother’s operation and this was the money equivalent to US$ 100 which made him debt slave. To pay back this money, he had to work from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Continuously but this debt never decreased. He struggled many times to run away and get rid of this tiresome and hard job but whenever he tried, he was caught and tortured and tired with chains. After five years, he met the president of BLLF. He was freed from those cruel owners of carpet factories. He starts study in one of the BLLF School. Though he was a minor yet he was very brave and bold who gave the courage to the bonded labor children be free from this slavery. The owners of carpet factories many times treated him to death but he never stopped back. On April 16th 1995 when IQBAL was with his family to celebrate Easter, suddenly two bullets were fired from a gun and IQBAL Masih martyred with 120 shrugs in his body.


IQBAL shook the world with his determination to fight against child labor. IQBAL was awarded with world’s children’s prize which is given to the one who fight for the rights of children. In the year 2000, IQBAL’s sister Sobia received that award from the Queen of Sweden Silvia on behalf of IQBAL Masih.


IqbalMasihShaheed Children Foundation is a non-government, non-profit registered organization.. It focuses on promoting rights of the children through Justice, improving education and health status of the marginalized children. It was established on February 2003.


IqbalMasihShaheed Children Foundation is a response not only to a profound crisis, which has rendered the education sector dysfunctional but also a growing realization that the most critical of human entitlements, the right to knowledge systems and quality learning opportunities are being denied to the citizens of Pakistan.

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