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Iqbal Masih Shaheed Children Foundation (IMSCF) doing some projects on self-help basis with the support of local influential and philanthropists.  Through these initiatives the organization focuses on promoting rights of the children through Justice, improving education and health status of the marginalized children in Tehsil Murideke district Sheikhpura.


1.Establishment of School
Keeping in view the baseline survey findings conducted by IMSCF, the organization feels that there is dire need of provision of education to the children through awareness raising and establishment of education institution.   The organization took the initiative on self-help basis, to provide awareness to the community, and motivate them to send their children in school.  IMSCF create awareness on education through arrangement of different activities; Focus Group Discussions, community meetings and awareness walks.     

Through intensive awareness one female social worker join hands with IMSCF on voluntarily basis.  She also provide place for establishment of school free of cost for the provision of education to vulnerable children with the support of IMSCF.  IMSCF registered 178 children, out of which 50 were enrolled in the said school with minimum resources available on that time.  IMSCF on its own provide books to 50 children on free of cost.  The organization is struggling very hard with its minimum resources for the provision of education to the children of the area.   IMSCF’s mission is to provide quality education to the children, so that they could become active and useful citizen of Pakistan.      


2.Scholarships to deserving children
This is not the end with IMSCF here to establish a school for vulnerable children; IMSCF also identified 50 deserving children at St. Marry School district Gujranwala union council Atava Chand da Qila, because parents of these children were unable to pay the school fee.  It’s IMSCF mission to provide books to children instead of tools.  The organization has great thought and vision with in its minimum resources, but now it is the need of hour to approach stakeholders to involve them in the network for the long term and sustainable results.  


3.Biblical Education Promotion Program (Pilot Phase)
IMSCF is going to implement a pilot project on biblical education promotion program on self-help basis.  This pilot project supports the objective of improving opportunities for learning and work, and thus improved economic status, with a specific focus on marginalized children.  To achieve the set objectives of the program to provide Non Formal Education along with biblical education to the targeted children to contributed to the provision of basic rights to the deprived community in District Sheikhupura through provision of social interventions.  IMSCF will work in extensive coordination to link children involved in all forms of child labour and bonded labour and their families with district services.   Moreover, the pilot project will be introducing innovative set of interventions to make it more beneficial and effective for children and youth.  The pilot phase is introducing the provision of education along with education especially biblical education.





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