Shaukat Masih (C.E.O)

My name is Mr. Shaukat Masih. I am belong to a save Christian family. I am a truly new born Christian. I was born on 06th Dec 1973 at Hinduchak Village of District Gujranwala Punjab Pakistan. In 1975 my parents migrated from Gujranwal to Muridke District Sheikhupura. I was 3 years old at that time. I got my elementary education from a Christian School which name was Pak Swidish English Medium School.

During my study in much younger age I have passion that every poor Child Decorated with the necklace of education. But unfortunately I was not able to do something for this nobel purpose at that time. With the passage of time beside my growing age the passion for this nobelty was also has been growing. I was waiting for a better time.

I was so optimist due to have an unflinching faith on Christ. God will must use me for this nobel cause. Almighty God provide me strength made me able that I was established a welfare organization IMSCF on Feb 2003. Now IMSCF by the grace of God is working for the betterment of inhabitant of Slums and backward areas. Its providing the basic secular and Biblical education.

I am working without any greedness and personal banafit. My actual vision is that nobody remained unaware and uneducated from both religious and secular education.

I have a passion to fulfill the great commission and save the world from eternal destruction.

It is my personal wish that everybody have a passion for the betterment of society, and also the promotion of Biblical doctrines.

Rafique Masih (Deputy C.E.O)

Mr. Rafique Masih 45 years old new born Christian living at Sialkot Punjab Pakistan. He has a well groomed personality and have much experience of religious and social work as well.

He is working in Cartass and Italian organization in Pakistan. Its working on the development of Child. Mr. Rafique is working in IMSCF since 2003 as (Deputy CEO) with much passionately and integrity. He suggested the Biblical education promotion Program.

He has also much passionate to aware and educate all youth and elders at both Biblical and secular Perspectives. He wants to fulfill the great commission and through its save the people which under the eternal death and destruction.

Amanat Saaz
(Director Biblical Education Development & Music)

A great man of God Amant Saaz, 29 years old, bachelor young energetic new born Christian.

Amanat Saaz is a great musician. God is using him in all over the world. He is an Ideal personality. He is much famouse among Christian community. He is able to play 12 to 15 instruments. He is a good teacher, writer and musician as well. He is also a great music director and have a poetic sense. He has a passion for social and religious working. He is working without any greediness and presenting his devolution in Biblical Education promotion a program of IMSCF voluntarily.

Shamila Yousaf (Basic & Biblical Education Project Manager & Chairperson Women Ministry)

Evangelist Shamila Yousaf 29 years old virgin and new born Christian. She is a graduate and also completed her B.th from F.G. A Bible College Lahore in 2013.

God is using her in most effectively for the fulfillment of the Great commission, in women, children and youth as well. She has a deep interest and passion to promot both Biblical and Secular education. She encourage youth and elders and also win them for Christ. To presue above mention perspectives she held meetings and seminars without any personal benefit but only for Christ.

She has a vision as Evangelist to Promot Biblical doctrines door to door. She want to save them through Christ from eternal death. She is a Project Manager of IMSCF’S project of Biblical education promotion Program.

Zimran Yaqoob (Dircetor Plaining)

Mr. Zimran Yaqoob 23 Years old young energetic new born Christian living at Gujranwala.

He joined recently IMSCF 2017. He much impressed by the Program of Biblical Education promotion project (IMSCF) in the result of that he offers his financial support for this nobel cause.

He has also courage to promot and aware specially youth and elders through both Biblical and Secular Guidelines.

He wants every strengthen person give strength to weaks in every aspect of life. They support poor and needies finically educationally, doctrinally for the sake of Lord Jesus Christ.

Ahmer Shahzad (Dictetor HR)

Mr. Ahmer Shahzad 40 years old new born Christian living at Lahore. He is a well educated great social and religious worker.

He is working along international level organization who are working for Children and backward areas inhabitants as well.

Mr. Ahmer Shahzad is working with IMSCF since 2007 as a director. He has a vision and passion to aware and educate Non-educated through secular and Biblical Education as well. He also have passion to reach such a difficult and backward areas people at any condition and teach, preach and aware them from Biblical Doctrines and win them for Christ.

Elder Anthony (Director Biblical Education Project Management & Research)

Elder Anthony is a great man of God. He is a ministering God very honesty. Currently he is living in Sialkot. He is working as a director of (IMSCF) . He took personal interest in IMSCF vision. In result of this he is also joined the Biblical education promotion program. He is alright working for the lord sake. Through this program he thinks he will be working more effectively.

Pastor Akhtar Sanam (Director MER)

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